Digital Signage, also known as electronic signage, can be classified into two types: Non-Interactive and Interactive:

Non-Interactive Digital Signage

Non-Interactive Digital Signage is an effective way to deliver specific content to target audiences at predetermined locations and times. This type of signage can display a sequence of content such as photo slides show, videos, scrolling text banners, weather information, and news. A Content Management tool will be used to facilitate the update and scheduling of content. The updated content and schedule can be easily transferred to the display via a network or USB memory stick.

Digital Signage System for Office Building

Office Buildings

The Electronic Office Directory is an efficient tool for finding company locations, saving time for employees and visitors. With updated information about tenants and offices, businesses can ensure easy access to accurate details. Additionally, the directory can be customized to display logos and extra information, and can be placed in convenient locations throughout the building.

Digital Signage System for Restaurants


eMenu is a valuable tool for restaurants to showcase dishes and promote special promotions. Displaying dish images can increase customer satisfaction, promote sales and repeat business. eMenu can be updated regularly with new items and promotions to keep customers engaged and interested.

Digital Signage System for Hotels and Club Houses

Hotels and Club Houses

eSignage is a powerful tool to promote F&B events and offers with dynamic content such as images and videos. Regular updates can generate customer excitement and drive sales. Customizing content to the target audience can make it more relevant and engaging.

Digital Signage System for Hotels and Club Houses

Shopping Centers

ePosters with dynamic images and videos can capture customer attention and increase sales when strategically placed in shopping centers. Regular updating of content keeps offerings fresh and relevant. Combining ePosters with Wayfinder can enhance customer experience and increase loyalty as visitors can navigate through shopping centers, find shops, and identify the shortest route.



ePosters are a versatile tool that can display dynamic images and multimedia content, effectively communicating important information and fostering a sense of community within schools and other contexts. By using eye-catching graphics and placing them in high-traffic areas, ePosters can increase event attendance and engage visitors.

Interactive Digital Signage

Our Interactive Digital Signage offers a convenient and engaging experience for customers through touch screens, allowing for customized content and data collection to inform business strategies. With our interface, you can easily arrange various content such as event photos, discount coupons, wayfinder, and transportation information in an interactive and organized manner. Discover the possibilities today.

Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk

Discover a world of information at your fingertips with our self-help kiosks, which offer a vast array of resources to enhance your experience. For more details, visit our eDirectory website now and see what awaits you

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