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Case study for malls :

Management Office use Digital Signage System to advertise shops inside the mall. Content gathered from shops will all be different. Therefore, the system will be able to cater different multi-media formats.

Playback Event video

Malls often hold promotional events to attract customer traffic. A simple camcorder with tripod can be used to record a fashion show or shop opening ceremony. Videos can be played back on every screen with text banner describing the up coming events.

Broadcast live video from the stage

Live event video can be broadcasted to displays thoughtout the mall. It magnifies the effect of the event.

Information Kiosks

Instead of wall or ceiling mounting the display, Kiosk is good choice for mall to host displays. Kiosks can be touch screen or playback only. Read more about kiosk.

Need any help?

  • Have trouble on location selection for displays?
  • Concern about cabling and mounting?
  • Worry about the operation on scheduling and content assemble?
  • Need some advice on how to proceed?
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