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Case study for retails :

Retails use Digital Signage to replace light-box posters. Product photos can be magnified and animated to attract customers' from far away and make it more eye catching. Besides saving cost, Digital Signage can do something that traditional posters cannot. It moves!

Posters create a good visual effect, and lighted poster is even better. However, a still poster cannot compare with a moving image.

Digital Signage in retail is not limited to television commercial

TVC production could be costly and time consuming. A more cost effective approach is to use computer animation. A product picture with some movement can also create a visual impact. We offer creative design service for our customers.

Digital Signage in retail - Simple, Easy, Trouble-free

A smooth and simple operation is a must in a retail environment. Industrial hardwre (PC and panel) can simplify the operation. Content updating are centralized and distributed to shops via computer network.

Need any help?

  • Have trouble fitting displays into your shop's decoration?
  • Concern about network connections and slow data transfer rate?
  • Worry about the operation and training to salespersons at shops?
  • Need some advice on how to proceed?

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