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Digital Signage System for Schools :

Grab student's attention
Today's students' do not look at paper posters any more. In order to grab their attention, content must be in multi-media format, such as video and animation.

Encourage students to be involved without overloading the teachers
Students are creative and enthusiastic about multi-media. That's why Youtube is so popular on the Internet. Instead of letting them loose on the internet, schools can provide a platform for students to express their creativity in the right direction. Digital Signage provides a good and easy to use platform for students to post their content. With a 30 minutes training, both teachers and students will understand how to operate the system.

Need any help?

  • Concern about cabling and display mounting?
  • Worry about the operation and training?
  • Need some advice on how to proceed?

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Case Study: Digital Signage for School

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